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The Adventures Club

Almyra Hotel, Cyprus

Activity and play area for children aged 3-5. In the entire complex, this area was the most challenging one, as the goal here was to create a magical rich world that invites imagination games and creative learning activities. The main elements include a large equipped toy kitchen, a wooden doll house, and a car garage. A craft and playing boards next to a big table allow a flow of creativity and exploration. Soft and colorful beanbag chairs provide a safe quiet place to relax and get some rest.
The design of the space is in line with the color palette of the complex, combined with natural wood that is an integral part of the luxurious design of the entire hotel. There is even incorporation and hints to the view outside: the sea and harbor that can be seen from the hotel’s entrance are represented in the play area via a small model of a local fishing boat in which the children can play.

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