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Meier Tower



Meier on Rothschild is a skyscraper that serves as one of the most prestigious residential towers in Tel Aviv. At 158 meters high in the heart of Rothschild boulevard, the tower is the third tallest residential building in Israel. It has 42 floors and 147 luxury apartments. The tower was named after its designer, the Pritzker Prize winner and international architect Richard Meier. The building's residents enjoy high-end amenities such as a wine cellar, a six-story underground parking lot, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a spa, a lounge, and of course- a play area for children.
InFuntasy was chosen to design and set up an upscale designated room for the kids in the building. The challenge we were facing was to turn a rather small room into a play area that could accommodate children from a wide age range. The final plan included functional elements combined with a clean and luxurious design that connects to the overall unique scenery of the tower. The quality of the materials, the pleasant colors, and the careful planning led to a perfect high-quality result. The play area serves the tower children and their guests with great success.

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